Gaming and Finance Reimagined

Every day we interact with different forms of entertainment controlled by a handful of large companies. More often than not their interests and incentives conflict with our own.

Gaming used to be a form of low-cost entertainment that friends and family could enjoy together. Now we’re forced to spend massive amounts of money to enjoy the slightest bit of game content. With large companies filling their pockets through extensive analysis of individual gaming behaviour, finding every opportunity to extract money from your hard earned income.

With this in mind, MOBOX has developed a singular ecosystem that aligns the interest and incentives of all stakeholders.

Next Generation Gaming : Free to Play to Earn (F2P2E)

MOBOX has built a unique infrastructure that builds on the growing DeFi ecosystem and combines it with Gaming through unique NFTs. Using Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and NFTs, the GameFi infrastructure will not just find the best yield strategies for users but also generate unique NFTs that can be used across a multitude of games. This gives MOBOX users the unique ability to play for free and to earn in one singular process.

By providing liquidity to certain CRATES (pools), CRATE contracts will automatically deliver the best yield for users by utilizing optimal yield farming strategies.

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