Easy Access

Simplifying Blockchain for Everyone

Registering a MOBOX account provides users with a decentralized wallet supporting multiple chains as well as a top security centralized wallet (TRUST) to interact with all the entertainment features within the platform.

One of the main factors deterring blockchain adoption is the high barrier to entry. Explaining how private keys and mnemonic phrases work to your parents is not the easiest of tasks. MOBOX solves this problem through creating a Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature giving users an easy onboarding process. The user also has the option to backup their recovery phrase to a cloud of their choice ensuring that everything stays safe and secure.

Advanced users have the choice to go through the usual process with Mnemonic phrases and will also be given the option to bind and backup their recovery phrases to the cloud of their choice.

Users also have the option to import their own wallet.

The MOBOX platform also incentivizes users to keep their account secure by combining the security process with the achievement system.


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