MoMo NFT Exchange

Each and every single MoMo NFT is owned by the user and can be sold and bought in the MoMo NFT Exchange, thus creating a sustainable user-generated ecosystem.

MoMo Exchange

  1. Using our unique Smart Contracts, MoMo's can be exchanged within the smart contract. This minimizes gas fees by not requiring users to unstake their NFTs when exchanging.

2. When a user places their MoMo onto the exchange market, the MoMo's Hash Rate is substracted from the user's Total Hash Rate

3. When a user purchases a MoMo from the exchange market, the MoMoi's Hash Rate is automatically added to the user's Total Hash Rate without requiring the user to stake the MoMo.

4. MoMo Exchange has a unique Bundle System allowing users to place multiple MoMos into a bundle to be placed on the market. Buyers must purchase the whole bundle.

5. The Mobox platform takes a 5% fee from each exchange.

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